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On Air in 5, 4, 3, 2, 1…

New Waves is the sharpest radio station on air, written and hosted by the students for the students of Woodberry Down Primary School, created, implemented and produced by us.

Aired in the playground at lunchtimes, students debate hot topics, interview guests, discuss pupils’ questions and concerns and celebrate achievements, all against a backdrop of hip pop tunes carefully selected by the DJs. Skills in time management, creative writing, public speaking and teamwork are explicitly developed with the Producer as well as those harder to reach areas of confidence, pride and self belief.

A school radio station can become a focal point for your school where students can express their views in a safe, unimposing environment which will promote inclusion and school community.  It will also aid teachers in achieving a majority of the National Curriculum Standards in ways that you may not realise.

An amazing opportunity for students, an exciting platform to showcase individuality and creative thinking and a source of much amusement and entertainment for both teachers and students.

(Legal) pirate radio at its very best!

NW Radio Episode 9 Election



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