School Editorial


‘You don’t write because you want to say something, you write because you have something to say’
-F. Scott Fitzgerald

CarissCreative has worked with many schools to develop truly engaging and exciting writing opportunities for children of all ages, placing purpose and audience at the heart of the learning journey.

Ranging from school newspapers, to production programmes and a school magazine, students have the opportunity to follow their passions, pursue their interests and showcase their writing style. Without realising they are developing essential skills in composition, sentence structure, pitch and content tuning, whilst also writing for a true purpose – a real audience who will read, critique and feedback on their creation.

Literature in this format is an exciting way to engage parents and carers in school life and a brilliantly useful assessment tool for teachers. But above and beyond this, schools have found it to be a valuable vehicle for promoting self expression, developing core writing skills and celebrating some truly wonderful writers.


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