Our LAMDA (London Academy of Music and Dramatic Art) packages are a wonderful exploration into verse, prose and performance. Working with our highly skilled tutors, participants are immersed in text in a unique and engaging way.

Learning how to connect, engage and find meaning in literacy. What do the words mean, how do they sound, how does tempo, intention and rhythm change what you are saying. The LAMDA approach develops and challenges children to think beyond the words on the page. With high emphasis on performance, skills learnt through the technique have relevance throughout life.

The examinations at the end of the course are a super incentive and also a very useful learning experience with the focus on achievement and empowerment. Anyone can take a LAMDA exam, regardless of age, ability, ambition or experience. The ultimate aim is to provide every individual with the opportunity to develop the life skills they need to be a success, wherever their future takes them.

Through the process of learning and working towards the examinations, LAMDA techniques empower and inspire teachers and young people – providing them with a means to improve communication skills, increase self-confidence and develop strong social skills, regardless of their experience or ability.

We offer a range of innovative and inspirational Lamda staff training workshops. These sessions provide teachers with practical and transferable LAMDA skills. This skill set can be used everyday in the classroom to enhance teaching and learning. In addition, we also offer specialist training for teachers and schools hoping to support pupils through the LAMDA Examination process.


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