Barclays Code Playground

Barclays Bank helps bring children into the coding age.

In their quest to bring people up to speed in this fast growing digital age, Barclays’ latest initiative ‘Digital Eagles’ provides in-branch training to those who are less tech-savvy, in order to get to grips with things such as online banking and coding for children.

Computer coding features in every aspect of our world, from websites and computer games, to traffic lights and digital photography. It is now very much part of the national curriculum.

We worked in collaboration with global Communications Company BBH London as part of the Barclays Code Playground project. The commercials were aimed at promoting the simplicity of computer coding for children. Our skilled tutor Marianna prepped children to bring their most engaging side to the camera. This was achieved by playing physical, vocal and mental warm-up games, building relationships between the children and the Barclays Eagles they were working with, and most importantly making sure they felt comfortable within themselves, in the studio and on set.

Barclays Digital Eagles

We have continued to successfully work with BBH London to support with the production of their Digital Eagles commercials.

We have furthered our involvement by facilitating studio and on-set advice and activities for older people in the Skill Swap and Misspell commercials. These are aimed at encouraging older people to make connections with new internet discoveries. Marianna worked with the Director and artists to help them deliver authentic and honest performances. The work brought dynamism and an extra vivacity to the performances.


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