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Pupil Therapy

We offer a range of different therapeutic services, each is designed to support the child explore feelings and relationships, challenges and successes in a safe and supportive environment. Leading them to over come obstacles in their own time and encourage them to move forward positively.

The benefits of Creative Arts Therapies are:

Nurture emotional health

Emotional health is essential for success: academic, personal and professional. Our therapeutic support helps clients to explore and overcome emotional blocks to success.

Develop self esteem

Creative arts therapies offer clients a space where positive identity can be nurtured and affirmed through creative expression and exercises.

Being able to articulate feelings enables us to feel understood and in turn, more emotionally regulated. Creative arts therapies offer clients opportunity to express themselves and develop emotional awareness in ways which suit them, which supports good self-esteem and emotional resilience.

Offer a space for creative self-expression

We believe that creativity is the key to personal growth and success. A change in an individual’s outlook often has a significant impact on others and can lead to positive change within family, educational and professional systems.

Build confidence

Feeling heard, understood, valued and connecting with positive aspects of the self in therapy can build confidence.

How do we work?

With our systemic approach we have seen positive, consistent and successful outcomes. We believe in transparency, good communication, clear boundaries, ethical best practice and working together in an effective and progressive way.

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